requires use of their VPN

I followed your prompts to get access to but no where in your steps does it mention you have to sign up for their vpn? On certain channels it states “This channel requires our VPN to watch.” I currently have IP Vanish but how do I get around paying for another vpn?

I use Surfshark VPN on USTVGO with no problem…it’s not theirs and it does work. By the way, USTVGO is probably the best secret out there…and it’s free.

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I have tried IPVanish, ExpressVPN and Nord. None of them worked and on the vast majority of channels it states the VPN warning. I’m not buying theirs for all the tea in China. USTVGO usn’t worth the hassel and I can get everything they provide elsewhere and without the hassel.

I get USTVGO via The Crew addon and use IPVanish. I have no problems at all with any channel. How are you accessing USTVGO?

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I too was having the same issue with it asking to use their vpn. I switched my ipvanish vpn to a country besides US, canada is what i used and it worked for me

Through my silk browser on the firestick. Are you using the Kodi add-on? What do you mean by the crew add-on?

Sorry but an epic fail here. Tried numerous locations in Canada and US and no matter what, it wants me to download their VPN. So back in the circular file it goes.
As an edit let me also say I tried their apk and same thing. I get the warning I have to use a vpn and I’m not connected to one it says. Lolololol. Enough time wasted on their junk. Adios.

FYI- I did a little research and I read where someone said to keep trying different countries with you vpn. I have IP Vanish so I went through a few countries and finally after I clicked on India the channels came on. Hopefully that helps!

Thanks for the advice. Although it makes sense I’m afraid for me that USTVGO doesn’t provide me with one single advantage worth wasting my time on it. If you can’t code an app so that it’s easy to use without complications then why bother. Then to add a no vpn bs warning when clearly I am using a vpn is, imho, a lame effort at a money grab. I do thank you for your efforts though.


Yes I use Kodi. The Crew is an addon you can install within Kodi. I get USTVGO within The Crew addon. I am in the US and use IPvanish set to a US city, and have no problems what so ever. I also have a Firestick, but never use it. My android TV box with Kodi and the addons I installed gets me anything I want to watch from Amazon, Netflix, Apple+, etc. Plus I have a lot more free space and speed than a Firestick.

I access on several devices, and use Nord VPN. Access is thru several browsers (FireFox, Silk, AdFree, Chrome) and not thru any app. Works perfectly. Best access to free live tv I have experienced.

FWIW, Im using Firefox browser, and ipvanish. country Canada. working perfectly. nfl redzone, nfl network, hbo. all are working here. firestick no longer supporsts firefox but Ive had it installed since they did and it let me keep it🤷‍♂️

US based ip’s dont work for me for ustvgo

It would seem they are affiliated with Nord vpn. Just for kicks I clicked their stupid vpn warning and was immediately redirected to a Nord VPN sign up page. I have 2 top vpns installed and not installing another just to get channels I already get with free apps and no redirects to purchases.

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I was just going to say this. I ran into this same message about a VPN. I use IPVanish. I just changed my U.S. city and I got through.

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Feeling equal to your frustration I finally just contacted Troypoint and here’s what they said - “Install The Crew Kodi Addon and use USTV Go through that without using their VPN. You will see it in the IPTV section.”

I youtube’d a video at this link How to install The Crew addon on KODI 19 Matrix - YouTube and it works perfectly. Give it a shot.

Thanks for the info. I stopped using Kodi over a year ago. To much bloat imho for little to no gain. USTVGO isn’t worth it imho. Nothing there I can’t get in say Ola TV.

I noticed the same thing. I found out when you see that little message just go to another channel and then right back to the one you left. It seemed to load the channel when I did that. Although, I am not super impressed with USTVGO.

Are use US TV go but it comes and goes I have to re-authorize my realtor bread and it only stays authorize for a while then US TV go stops working can anybody help

Proton VPN has a free one with three countries on it and USA is one of them. I have used it in Canada for ustv247 that is the same as ustvgo and works fine on those channels. Do not torrent with the free three country one as does hide you on it ,so they say. If it doesn’t work first time on box or stick ,unplug box ,then turn VPN on first ,before you try anything else. Works for me. Good luck

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