USTVGO.TV full screen function not working

For some reason I can’t get the full screen to work when using both firetv’s, it works for a split second but then goes down to 1/4 of the full screen. working fine on my Nvidia Shield

Are you doing the dbl click or just hitting the arrows down the bottom right?

I have that app an never could find how to get it to go to full screen . The full screen icon is not even visible on my Nvidia Sheild .

Place the cursor anywhere in the open screen and quickly double click the “enter” key on your remote.


The USTVGO app is a third party not USTVGO. Full screen is not offered on the app. Full screen is only available on the official web version.

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Both, with the same result

Double click on open screen don’t work for me .

Damn. Dbl click or click the arrows down the bottom right are the only 2 ways I’ve ever known in the Silk browser on my Max or KM2

The fullscreen icon is visible in a browser but not in the app and double clicking on the screen in the app dont work .

Ahh yes the full screen is in a browser. I’ve never used the app.

I never did understand why make a live TV app that can’t go fullscreen . Don’t fig .

Ok So I installed the ustv go app and the ustv 247 app on my 4K Max. First thing I noticed is the remote doesn’t work with this app, but my 2.4 GHz mini keyboard does. Now I open up a channel and no the dbl click doesn’t work, but moving my cursor to the bottom right of the window playing my show and voila there is a bar that opens and there are 2 arrows on a 45 degree angle and clicking those it automatically opens to full screen. I’ve now uninstalled both as I don’t need them I have all these channels set up in TiviMate. But I do get full screen in the app

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I tried with a mouse cursor but didn’t work . I guess you have the magic touch .

If it’s the mouse toggle it’s not very smooth. I use a mini keyboard for apps like this. Rather than use these apps you can use the Silk browser and it works perfectly. Just the VPN issue. Yes ss works but there are still a few channels that won’t play unless Nord is installed.

It also accepts the Surfshark VPN, but I had to set it to United States/Chicago and then the VPN dependent channels work fine in the Silk browser (i.e. HBO, Showtime, A&E, etc.)

Also, the “Mouse toggle” app on Firesticks works fine for the USTV 247 app. Once activated it allows you to double click and get full screen, then minimize again with another double click. Only thing is that you have to temporarily toggle out of “Mouse” to move up and down the list of channels, then toggle back into “Mouse” to do the double-click again for full screen. That takes a little getting used to.

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I used a Rii mini i8 keyboard pad . The fullscreen logo still wouldn’t pop up .

Try the “Mouse Toggle” app.

Here are instructions on how to load it:

When you have it loaded and working load the USTV 247 apk. Once you are in USTV 247 click on a channel. It will load to the channel but shows a big right-pointing arrow in the middle, begging you to click it to start the channel. Now activate the mouse (usually double-click the play button), move the mouse cursor on top of the large arrow in the middle of the video screen and hit OK. Once the program plays just double click OK again to get the full screen. To minimize just hit the BACK button.

If you have Kodi there’s a USTVGO addon . Plays full screen automatically. Good luck
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