Ustvgo to tivimate?

Where can I find the link for ustvgo to add to tivimate. This is all new to me so bare with me. I tried searching but only came up with a GitHub information but seems I need to run python to get it. I have no knowledge of coding ect. Ive tried using app but it buffers terrible and is distorted.

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I’m able to access via website using surfshsrk VPN Dallas. I can use it on ustvgo app on firestick. It just has a few premium channels that most free don’t have

I don’t believe there is a legitimate app. Although, I was able to get it on my Nvidia. I typed in using the Downloader browser and then saved that to favorites. It worked and every channel I clicked on came immediately. The only issue is making it go full screen. I had to zoom in a few times to fill the screen, but that lessened the quality of the video a bit. Still watchable, but not as crisp. If you don’t mind not being full screen then you’re good to go. I am going to try this on Firefox to see if there is any difference, or ability to go full screen. Another way I did it was via my laptop and then I just cast it to the TV. That worked great and it fill the screen perfectly!

I am wondering if there is a way to make a shortcut. If so, then I can turn the shortcut into a fake app. I can do it on my computer, but don’t know how to get a shortcut to appear on the Nvidia home page.

Btw, I had NO vpn turned on my laptop or Nvidia

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You will need a url to get it on Tivimate, and so far I have not been able to locate one.

It appears it constantly changes. But there is a link that shows how to get it by running python their discord had a lot of info I just haven’t tried to tackle the challenge

Discord also talks about YouTube tv Dailymotion and twitch m3u

You seem to be a person who is interested in figuring all this out so you might want to check it out

Be very careful! Those apps are NOT legit and may carry a virus. Even my virus protection put a couple of BIG RED FLAGS when I was about to access the download page. I don’t think it is worth it. Maybe try on a test or throw-away device.

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Ok ty for the information

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What URL do you need? I’ve found over 20 with m3u8 reference but I haven’t any idea if that’s what you need.

Already been to these sites and the discord; no help.

I am looking for USTVGO M3U URL

Ok but it says m3u8 is that it?

Omg forget it. I just checked 30 links and every single one was either a scam or wanted to add stuff to my browser etc. No way.

LOL…that’s what I ran into, also.

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