Ustvgo question

High from Canada have ip vanish switch over to auburn new york tried to follow troypoint guide for download Ustvgo an keeps telling me need a vpn an they want me to use there’s nord what am i doing wrong

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Ok the only way I ever got even close to having ustvgo ustv247 or any one of the links to play a channel was to turn off my vpn and then stream a channel. Then I tried with the vpn on and off to see what works best. Don’t forget Cdn .ca Amazon accounts with registered firesticks do not get a lot of the same links and apps as the .com accounts.

Ok thx miki for reply

@Rampage62 Kodi…The Crew…IPTV…USTVGO

Change VPN to a USA location.

Let me know if this works…hope so…

Money didnt work keep saying playback failed one or more items failed to play check the log for more information about this message an if i can get 1 of those channel to play it freezes in 10 seconds

Try using the silk browser and going to ustv247 and try without your vpn. See if you can connect to any channel.

Dont really want to turn my vpn off

Then you’re done. No other way works.

Many people simply install the Crew Kodi addon as you can get USTVGo through the Live TV section (might be labeled IPTV). Then, you can use any VPN that you want to. Here is Crew tutorial - How to Install The Crew Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android

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Money suggested that Troy but Rampage said it simply didn’t work for him.

Thanks @Miki I didn’t see that. In a hurry trying to get through as many of these as possible. I just tested with The Crew using IPVanish, Chicago 4 and it is working fine. But, as with all of these free offerings, they are up and down. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

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The Crew add-on works great for me accessing USTVGO. I have it running on two TV’s. One Firestick and one Chromecast with google tv.

Wesley where is your vpn set at

Agree that accessing USATvgo with Kodi and Crew is fantastic. And this is with IPVanish. Seldom any buffering. And it’s free.

I’m in the US and it’s set to the US. I can use without a VPN as well.

@Rampage62 I use Kodi…The Crew…IPTV…USTVGO…works awesome. Ipvanish…Open VPN…protocol is TCP…connect to any New York server. Ashburn in not in NY…it’s in the southeast…

Also go into The Crew…TOOLS…before you stream…CLEAR ALL CACHE…first

Run Wolf Launcher and the Debloat tool…Troy has both in his Rapid App Installer…

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Thx guys went to Chicago server 4 working great now this forum is fantastic

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Thank Troy. He’s the one suggesting the Chicago 4 server that worked.

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Thanks Troy for suggesting Chicago 4

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@Rampage62 Glad it worked out…neat how everyone kicks around ideas to try. Troy nailed this one :slight_smile: