Ustvgo full screen shortcut

Does anyone know if there’s a PC keyboard shortcut to bring ustvgo full screen?

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Yes, I do add will post it later this morning

Use this apk USTVGO 247. It is exactly the same as USTVGO.

This app I have installed on my Shield Pro, Shield Tube, Fire HD 10 Tablet, and my Samsung S8 phone.

It works fantastic on my tablet and phone without any issues. On my Shields it plays just as well as my tablet and phone, but it requires the use of a mouse to better navigate around the app. I used Mouse Toggle to remedy that issue, and it worked great until the Android 11\Nvidia update broke it. So now I use my SHIELD TV PHONE remote until a fix is found. If you do not use Nvidia’s then 5he Mouse Toggle app should work fine.

Although, you can make a shortcut for a website stream. This is a much better solution.

If you are looking to do a shortcut for a website on your computer that very simple and I can show that process, also.

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Yes, a shortcut to the ustvgo website that’s fullscreen would be helpful. Or a way to sift the json information to find the link that brings the website fullscreen would work as well. Thanks.

When loaded just double click anywhere in the main window. That’s on my Firestick 4k Max.

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Good find, will check it out

Identify what device you are using for the app, or website. Are you casting from a computer to your TV, or are you viewing the website on your computer?

Update: I just today made a shortcut for my 2 laptops, and it also work great. I did change the icon to something I like, but other than that, it is pretty straight forward and easy to do.

Pictured is the shortcut on my start screen and task bar.

I’m using a Dell XPS PC running Win 10 Home. Currently in order to view a channel full screen, you have to left mouse click on the channel link, and then left mouse double click on the small view window that the source channel shows up in. The goal is to see full screen video once a ustvgo channel link has been selected. Thanks

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I have the ustvgo app but can’t find how to get a full screen . Their is nowhere on the screen to click for full screen . Am I missing something ?

Just double click on the viewing area. Also, there a small icon in the lower right hand corner of the viewing area.

I posted pic of showing this earlier.


The app I had was an older version . I found the full screen on the newer app .


I appreciate the replies. I’m trying to get the selection process closer to one that mimics a cable box. Click on a link, it comes up fullscreen without having to manually navigate the cursor to the active video window and left click twice. I’m looking at mouse automation apps which may be a solution. Just wondering if anyone else has done this already. Again, thanks for your input.

Fyi, USTVGO has updated their playlist and added about 7 channels, and have an active CC.

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