USTVGo Alternative

I curious if anyone has found something compatible to either the very old Mobdro or the latest lose of / ustv247 ? I’m now paying for Philo until something else comes along with programming I like. Philo really sucks because of mandatory 3.5 minute commercials you can not fast forward thru . I watch mostly discovery , history, MotorTrend, & science channels. I’m just wondering. Isptv or whatever it’s called sucks . Constant buffering or channels that don’t work at all .

Thank You
Respectfully WelderBob

I think you’re referring to IPTV, and if you’re getting constant buffering and channels that don’t play then it’s one of three things #1 a bad setup, #2 your isp has bad infrastructure #3 you got a bad supplier.

4 Likes, TP shared on the forum couple months ago. I watch it on a semi regular basis. I just don’t like commercials. Use your VPN. Hope it works for you.


Thank You all for responding to my question. I did go to and plugged it in . Very nice and works well . I have passed it on to family and friends. Very much appreciated by all


I have Philo. I just save the programs and skip the commercials.

UK Turks is nice and is great too

Unfortunately, you must input a code every 3 hours to get live TV on UK Turks. Silly really.

LivenetTV or TVmob work reasonably well.

I just wrote review about Discovery History and science channel about how they repeat over and over and over and over it was HBO recently I would it was making me mental now they got this mortal Kombat now got to write reviews that gets attention go on the Play store if you have the app loaded they’ll let you put a review in you’ll see mine Patty best one right now is Black lightning what happens is too many people find out about them and they overload the service

TV on livetvnet hasn’t been good in a long while for me Dev for UK Turks just has been consistent forever and continues improving everyday and it’s not silly all these Devs for all this popular Kodi addons and free APKs do it all for free and a little pin code or ads in app helps them continue providing this free. Devs have grown tired of providing free content it’s very hard to maintain because it’s a lot of work and they don’t get paid anything. That’s why now it’s very little free options compared to back in the day. And no new Devs have come along same people still doing it except for a couple new people like 1pix or sportsfire