Yeah that is weird that it shows different numbers of channels. Yeah that’s why we have Tivi

Does anyone have idea why ustvgo only show 60 percent of picture on all my TV’s?``

APK or web stream?

I have both and both seem to be working fine

APK: USTV 247 :tv: APK for Android Download (


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I’m using web stream. I use Firefox , type in internet address and when it comes on I enlarge to get full screen and it cuts off 40 percent of picture on top and leaves the bottom black.

Are you using a vpn? try it on or off. Try Brave or Opera Browser. You can use a different site, USTVGO and the like just search on

This the webpage I use on my Dell Inspiron 7706 with Windows 11, and everything seemed fine on my end. I am using Microsoft Edge as my browser with Google search, but I also used the “Apps” feature in settings to make the site an app to place on my task bar. Either one seems to function properly

Also, check your “Display” settings in your device’s settings.

Btw, is this happening on a TV, device, tablet, phone, or computer?

USTVGO channels list - USTVGO.TV

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Thanks for your reply. It is only giving me a problem on using my fire stick on my TV. If I use the app or streaming on my computer no problems. It’s just on my TVs. It used to work perfect up until about 2 months ago and then it started giving me only a partial picture.

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Maybe check your TV’s resolution settings? Maybe it is set to “zoom”?

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