USTV247 on Firestick, Android, PC, and More - Is It Safe & Legal?

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This in-depth report on USTV247 will provide you with important information that you need to know about this site on Firestick/Fire TV & Android TV Box. Is USTV247 safe to use? Is USTV247 legal? How do I watch USTV247? We will answer those questions and more in this article. The reason why we ask legal questions…


This has exactly the same annoying issue that ustvgo has. You cannot access ANY channels unless you buy THEIR vpn. I have 2 installed and neither one will allow me access to any channels. Absolutely a useless service.

I use it on Kodi with The Crew addon. It works great.

I have the crew addon,how do you access Ustv24

I use the USTVGO section. It works with or without my VPN. I installed The Crew and it just worked without any issue.

Just wish they would develop an app, or at least make a M3U url available. Yeah, you can use a browser, but that is just another step in a process of steps. Most users want a click and go approach. Simplicity is the key!

There is a ustvgo apk. Apkpure has it along with a number of other reputable sites. I’ve not tried it as ustvgo and it’s incarnations have never worked seamlessly for me. Not sure if it works or is any good

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Ok I installed it. Says I need another update on the Google play store. Forget it. Just like in the Silk browser a few channels work and the rest want me to buy their VPN, even though I have one running. Well can’t say I didn’t try. I get all these channels and hundreds more in Ola TV anyway. Good luck.

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Okay, First thing I did was locate the download on my laptop (Windows10). Then I tried getting to the same site via Downloader. That was a bust. I then tried Firefox and got to the apkpure site for the download, located the app, and installed. The first thing is it launched as looking like a phone app, but I do have the Set Orientation app already loaded on my NS, but am not sure if that makes a difference or not. The launch page shows rectangular image with 4 selections available; News, Entertainment, Sports, and Kids. I first chose Entertainment and it immediately loaded that page in full scree. From there I chose a channel (AMC). The channel load quickly and without incident. Volume control worked as it should, and the audio/visual is pretty good!

Now here are the drawbacks. Navigating is cumbersome. You definitely need some sort of a mouse. I used both the Mouse Toggle and the NS Remote app. I preferred the Shield’s app. It is much more responsive and gives you more of a variety to engage with the TV. One major problem with the USTVGO apk is I have found no way to go to full screen, The shows playing is about 60-70% of the surface area for my TV. If you don’t mind not having an entire full screen picture then it is ok. I checked about a dozen channels and all categories and they all worked great. The last negative is the app itself cannot appear on your favorites. So you have to go to all apps to find it and launch. If I keep this app. Then I will make a shortcut to appear on my favorites.

My biggest concern is the lack of ability to make the screen go full size.

I may try the Softonics apk and see if there is a difference. The Softonics version is The ApkPure is 1.9.9

Btw, I did earlier checkout a few sites to download from and got a severe warning about those sites. Even in researching USTVGO.TV said they do not have an app and anyone who claims to have one is fake and proceed at your own risk. But I agree with you that APKPURE and Softonics are fairly reputable sites and my virus protection gave me no warning to stay away.

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Odd. I couldn’t get to either of the top two choices as it wanted an update from google. I was able to click and open sports and then from the top banner choose entertainment and the channel list loaded. Now with the channels that do open I get full screen by going to the lower right of the channel window that opens and a lower bar activates with sound/volume controls and to the right of that two opposing arrows on a 45 degree angle show up and I click that for full screen. This was on the 1.9.9 app. I think I’ll test the other one as I’m bored.

I am trying to download the Softonics app and I thought it loaded, but the homepage instructs me to download a newer version called NEXT TV. So far I have only gotten the spinning circle. Which has been spinning for over 5 minutes. I don’t think that app will load on a NS. Most likely only for phones and tablets?

I may keep the app, because I can make that much more convenient to use. The only real negative is the picture does not fill the screen. I will have to do more research for that issue.

But thanks for the heads up on the APKPURE APK. It at least works!

I used Firefox to download the APKPURE apk. Maybe try another browser?

I’m going to go and try the softonic apk. I’ll let you know.

I cannot see any arrows. I got a sneakin suspicion the arrows are there, but I cannot get to them, because maybe the picture is zoomed a bit?

Same here on the new version. The cc is in the way. I did get the softonic installed but it’s exactly the same as the apkpure app. Oh well.

Okay, here is what I found. I can download the Softonics one on my phone and NS. But, as soon as I opened the app it directed me to some updated app called “Next TV”. This would not load on my NS. On my phone I just did a Google search for Next TV and I downloaded the app to my phone. Now with this app installed I can cast to my TV in full screen. It has the exact same channels as the USTVGO app.

I just don’t like using my phone as a projector because of the battery drain, but the quality of the audio/visual is good.

If I could figure a way to go full screen on the USTVGO app then that would be the only one I would keep.

So as it is I have the USTVGO app on the Nvidia, and the Next TV app on my phone. The USTVGO app is more convenient, but the Next TV app allows me a full screen making for a more enjoyable experience.

Woohoo! I finally got the NEXT TV app to load on my Shield! I am now able to go full screen, but with some caveats. The TV guide is a little slow in loading and I can’t seem to be able to navigate using the remote or mouse. I can’t get the channels or guide to scroll. The mouse is very quirky! Sometimes it stalls for no apparent reason. Although I found a solution. The search box works very well and I can just type in what channel I want. I use the app on my phone to checkout the guide and then type in what I want. Sometimes the scrolling will work. IDK why it freezes up sometimes? Also, I noticed on this app I had to turn on a vpn a couple of time to get a show (A&E). My VPN service is expired so I used a generic vpn called Proton, but it seemed to work.

Anyway got the damn NEXT TV app installed on the Shield with a few quirks lol

UPDATE: If you are interested I found this site that loaded the best out of the bunch I tried. It seems to be the exact same content as the other two, but this app I can control with my handheld remote and mouse toggle to scroll through the guide.

PM me if you want the address.

I know about the swiss company Proton. I use their encrypted mail. I would use their vpn but only once they have increased their worldwide server presence.

I am just using the free version until I decide on which VPN I am going with.

I got both apps loaded but the functions are jerky and unreliable. I don’t need their free channels anyway. Nice going.