Using x-lore from Amazon app store

X-Plore app. and Troy’s EX-Plore video do not match.
using X-plore app and watching troys video to expand storage on a fire stick I’m having a problem the x-plore that I downloaded from amazon does not match troys x-plore version compared to the area when it askes to go to the download under internal shared storage on his screen the download item is between the DCIM and Movie keys but on the app. I downloaded the download key is no where to be found. any help ?

I am running v.4.27.65 and I made a folder to store stuff when in Tivimate under Android >Tivimate Recordings. If I download a movie using a standalone app. Then I direct it to a folder I made under Download > (Insert App Name/Movie Name)

Not sure if this is what you are asking for or not?

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