Using USB with TiviMate on an Insignia Fire TV set

I bought a Smart Insignia Fire TV (built in - no fire stick) and am using Ethernet for speed. Does anyone know if I can directly insert a formatted USB drive (obviously without the OTG cable) and use with TiviMate? Would the directions for formatting and using be the same as with a fire stick (I haven’t seen directions specifically for a Fire TV edition)?

If this won’t work without a fire stick and OTG cable, any other suggestions to avoid having to use a fire stick with this TV?

I’ve tried this on my Toshiba Fire TV and it didn’t work.

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I also have an Insignia Fire Tv and mostly love it except for the internal storage limits. I’ve had no luck getting any application stored to a properly formatted USB stick to work, including Tivimate. Tivimate worked fine installed internally, but it would not record to USB storage. I too am considering adding an Android box or Firestick with USB just to get the additional storage capacity for more apps and recording space, it’s frustrating!

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