Using Surfshark - "ads" question

I just subscribed to IPVanish a few weeks ago. Troy then recommended Surfshark and one of the comments was that it helped with “ad blocking”. Where are the ads that should be blocked? I ask because I downloaded it in the play store to try it for a week for free. I am trying to use the a site for International channels. When you open it up and choose one of the “channels” inside of the site, most of the time it starts with some kind of ad and then may or may not play the show. Was hoping Surfshark would block the ad. Would appreciate feedback on “ads” blocking.


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Turn on Cleanweb. That blocks ads, tracking cookies and malware.

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Thanks so much! I just did that, now the streaming site I am using won’t load, but I’ll keep trying. I need to make a decision about going to Surfshark and asking for my IPVanish money back in the next day or so. I only have it installed on my android tablet, I’ll try it on my firestick tonight.

Appreciate the advice. I now have more questions, lol, I will look through the questions to see if I can find answers before I post.

Some main stream sites you have no choice but to watch some “message” before you can watch the program. It’s how some are getting around ad blockers. Then you turn webclean off to access that site.

Im not real sure(maybe Troy knows) but in general the playstore is very strict about ad-blocking software. Basically they dont allow it and ive always wondered if surfshark had to submit another version? Surfsharks clean web works great but I use the one in the rai on my phone.

I used the one in RAI on my Max.

Some sites won’t load with ad blockers turned on most of the free streaming sites are blasted with ads because that’s the only way the operators generate any money to keep the site going


I have no idea what you just said :rofl:. What is RAI?

Lol. Sorry RAI = Rapid App Installer. It’s a tool troy has developed to assist in the rapid installation of some top apps used by cord cutters. Very usefull for new installations or recovery even. In the “downloader” app type in
and click enter or go and you will have it. I keep a copy on the USB drive attached to my Max.

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yep. was just testing out the latest ustvgo app and it works fine but no full screen…at least I couldnt get it…and im thinking its because the ads running on the right side of the screen. Such a shame :joy: :eyes:

go thru your browser and you should be able to go full screen, Even with an air mouse you couldn’t on the app ?

I have ustv247 bookmarked in my JioPages browser & tested a couple of channels…both let me go full screen.

Seems to work in a browser but some can’t get full screen in the apps. I was able to but had to use my mini keyboard.

no I was testing the latest app, worthless. I go full screen in the browser if needed but not often. Tivimate is king :1st_place_medal:

OK…I’ll download the app in a bit & see what I can stumble upon…do you know if anyone tried using Troy’s Mouse Toggle on it?

Yeah I didn’t even know they had an app. Yes love Tivi

Yes they did. It works but not as smooth as a mini keyboard. Move the cursor to the lower right of the window displaying what you’re watching and you’ll see the 2 arrows on a 45. May have to “bump” the cursor along the bottom in the corner to open the pop up.

Roger that…haven’t downloaded it yet…but will try it with the mouse app, my mini keyboard & my laser eyes in a bit :robot:

:woman_facepalming: I am an idiot, I was way overthinking what RAI could be, yes, I use that from Troy. I just used the google play store one to test because it gave you a 7 day trial. Wanted to test it since I just paid for IPVanish. I did download Surfshark tonight on my firestick via the RAI, the USA & UK channels played but not a few other countries that I tried. I wanted to mention what app I was trying to use it for but it looks like that is a NoNo on this site.

Yes I use the MT and it works ok on my Onn and MAX.