Using Film Plus cannot get subtitles

When I access subtitles, I seem get subtitle successful notice, but then get unzip sub error…help

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Go to system then go to programs scroll to kodi repo go to subtitles install sub scene an ope subtitles ,open will require acc’t so go there and open for free ,after you do this open. Subtitle in kodi again go to configure enter your email and password and OK it go back to your apps ab
Nd put on subtitles

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Thanks Sal…however, I am an old guy. Do not use Kodi just 3rd party app for FF.


Just noted that on my Samsung 32’’ using firestick 4K no problem with subtitles on FilmPlus…but the unzip error comes up on my Samsung 55" using a 4k Firestick. I have downloaded FF several times with different apps. Any thoughts appreciated.

Sorry just saw answer…I

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