Using a MAG box STB w/VPN

Hello! I recently began an IPTV subscription, but warnings about getting a VPN keep me nagging at me. Trouble is, I chose to use an existing, relatively new, MAG STB as my streaming device. The display and UI are far superior and cleaner than IPTVSmarters. Anyway, the MAG does not support VPN and I need to get a VPN router! Just wondering if anyone else has had this situation and how you addressed it. Thanks.

Welcome! There are a couple ways to handle this. One being buying a router that you can flash with the VPN software. You would have to look at the specific VPN and see what is needed. You can purchase an AirCove router that @TROYPOINT has reviewed and is pre installed with Express VPN. There are a couple companies that will flash it for you as well. Hope this helps

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