Use Firestick Without Amazon account

Using a firestick without it being attached to your Amazon account…are there only 2 ways?

  1. Register the Fire TV Stick using your own account, then de-register it later after you’ve installed an alternative method of accessing content.
  2. Register the Fire TV Stick using a throwaway account.

You could do that and many do to avoid updates but often sign back in to get updates. As much as we hate many of these updates they are sometimes necessary for security etc. My suggestion is keep updated. I keep all my androids signed in with google for this reason. There was a time I stayed logged out but I find that a pain. Using a vpn the various apps cant see what you are viewing and to be truthfull all they want to do is feed you ads. With an alt launcher they cant and thats amazons reason for blocking other launchers and im surprised google hasnt got into the game more but you can bet they will clamp down eventually with certified boxes. Just my 2 cents :grimacing:

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