USB not recognized after being formatted fat32

I followed the troypoint suggestions for adding external storage. My firestick doesn’t recognize the USB drive. Its a 256 scan disk, formatted on my desk top computer for fat 32. Even though the computer recognizes the USB drive Fire stick doesn’t see it.

It happens I also have a USB stick my 4K Maxx won’t recognize any more either.

First things first. If this is an older 4k they are awkward at best to add storage. If this is a 4K Max there is no need to pre-format it. Simple hook up your otg cable or hub, plug everything in, fire the system up, wait for the homescreen to load then plug in your USB Drive. Amazon recommends a drive no bigger than 128GBs. I use a 16GB Sandisk 3.0. Now you will get on screen prompts, simply follow them. You can format for either app storage or for recording, but not both. GL2U


Hi Miki,

Is it fair to say that you can reformat it again should you change your mind at some point regarding apps or recording?

You can always reformat USB or external drives.

Yes you can. Say you change your mind and don’t want a pile of apps, then you can format it for recording. Ttfn.

Thank you. I knew you could reformat usb normally but since you mentioned this recognized it when it booted up, I was not sure what the fire stick would do when rebooting and it see’s a drive already formatted.

I don’t have a computer or lappy to use to format a USB drive. That’s how I know you don’t need to pre-format one to use on the Max. Just plug it into the OTG cable or better yet a powered OTG Hub, attached to the Max and follow the on screen prompts.

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