USB installed for external storage

Not sure if this right place but if not please direct me to correct location
I bought a Ugreen and followed Troys instructions to install extra storage
and all went OK. I used X-plorer file manger and all was OK new apps
were installed on external USB, then all at once X-plorer disappeared
and will not reinstall. Where apps that were installed on external no
longer show as installed on USB drive they still work. but any new
apps appear to install on firestick 4K. I figure your going to suggest
I start over which I really prefer not to if possible as all seem to be working
for now. I have all my favorites marked and all so just wondering if anyone
has any ideas
Thanks glb1025.

External storage is a frustration I’ve decide to avoid. Too many anomalies that interfere with smooth operation of the device. Uninstalled Apps that leave any data on the USB will make reinstalling the App impossible. If the memory stick for any reason is disconnected or has any connection or coms errors with the device, expect a host of problems getting Apps to work. If you plan to remove the USB, first thing to do, make sure you transfer each App to internal memory. If you don’t, expect a host of errors and from there its a full factory reset.

So if you go to apps>manage installed apps and make sure on the top you choose “Show All Applications, is x-plore there? I have a 4K Max and just added a Sandisk 16 GB stick for storage. It was exceptionally easy. Unfortunately if you have an older 4K Firestick it’s known to have issues. The age old “power” recycle has helped others with similiar issues. Completely unplug the stick from all power and from your HDMI port on the TV. Wait for a minute or so, and then plug it all back in, making sure sure to plug the power for the Stick directly into " house” power and not into the TV via the usb port.
Then see if the app shortcut has re-appeared.

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Wow…if you’re having all those problems, I don’t blame you…sorry to hear that KingPro. What device are you using? I’ve never had any issues with my set up on an ONN box…before I got my hub splitter put in I ejected my drive numerous times without any misfires. I don’t use this set up very often, as it’s my backup system…but I’ll play with it today to see if any problems like you’re having pops up.

LG Smart tv and a 4K Pro firestick. I first added a scandisk usb via a single OTG and it was okay. Moved to the Amazon LAN adapter to go wired and connection to the OTG was temperamental. Eventually the LAN kept disconnecting, so after a lot of trial and error etc, I went back to wifi. I decided to try out a DigiCon LAN with built in USB. The memory stick is there, formatted, available, not available, needing formatted and I get pop ups every few minutes. Checked connection, cables, power, plugs, TV compatibility, HDMI issues…everything! Can’t resolve it as yet, so cast it aside until I’ve more time to try whatever other fixes I may have missed :blush::blush:

I keep Apps to a minimum after settling on what I actually like and need, so don"t actually need external memory. I thought I did when I was downloading and trying every App available :smiley:. Now I just wanted it to work, because it should :joy::joy: and until I get a solution, it will drive me nutz :relieved::grin:

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Sounds like the ethernet adapter thrown into the mix got things all discombobulated…not sure why tho. Power problem…causing disconnecting issues…? Sounds like pathways are corrupted now…but I’m not smart enough to know how all that works…beats me what’s wrong. I’m using mine now & have pulled up several apps that are on my flash drive & no problems…as of yet anyway. Do you have to issue ADB commands to set yours up for “adoptable” storage…like I do? Thought of dumping everything at starting all over…with your ethernet already set up?

If that Digicon is what I think it is…ethernet…usb hub…with a mini power port on side…then that should eliminate the otg cable & be an all in one solution…yes?

I did do a complete reset. I figured now that I settled on the Apps etc that I will stick with, I’d start from scratch. So, set the equipment into place and went for it. The "Digicon is what I think it is…ethernet…usb hub…with a mini power port on side…then that should eliminate the otg? YES! It does, but the memory stick is still giving me hassle. And Im pretty sure the LAN is cutting out at times. Driving me batty :unamused::relaxed:

Well dang it all King…your setup is as good as it gets, parts-wise…if it isn’t something with the usb drive formatting & or your ethernet cable or port…I’m stumped. Only reason your LAN should cut out is a faulty cable or bad port…I have the latter on my old laptop & have used a usb to ethernet adapter for years. Oh well…if it were easy, everybody would be doing it & we would be bored. :roll_eyes:


Ya I thought my hub would work and I plugged it in, used usb-c to micro usb adapter, used my extension cable, ummmmm nothing. So now I see that I should have used a usb-c to usb adapter and plug it into the OTG cable and don’t plug the power into the hub. huh??? Okie dokie, at this point I realize I’m either an idiot or just don’t get it. Oh well.

Did you have an ethernet port on your adapter? My 3 port one with no power or ethernet port works fine.

It has everything. That maybe the problem. :laughing:

If they design a usb ethernet adapter with 3 usb ports on it…I’m guessing it should work…otherwise, why design & sell them if they don’t? So I’m/we’re missing something here…but what?

Im thinkin the micro usb/C adapter cnnctn is mapped diffrntly than the C hub is for data

If that makes any sense

Just dont destroy it…lol

Unfortunately my c to micro adapter seems to be for power only, no data. That’s what started all this.

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