USB Drive on NVidia Sheild

When I put my USB drive in my Sheild, everything goes really slow. But when I don’t, I cannot install any new apks. I tried to install Cinema and it would not install unless I put in the drive. That started with an update. I’m thinking of resetting and starting over. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hello @dudeson I think this is due to “expanding the storage” on your device with the USB drive. When it isn’t there, its like not having any internal storage at all as the App wants to be installed on your USB drive.

Thank you for your reply. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? Should I reinstall without the drive or try a new drive? Or do I change setting for storage?

@dudeson still in the process of moving and haven’t unpacked my Shield yet. If there is a way for you to remove the USB drive safely in the settings, you could do that and then it will transfer all of your apps back to your internal drive. Or, start over completely with a factory reset.

I also tried using a 128 gb ultra usb drive for added storage on my 16 gb Nvidia Shield and was very dissapointed in the transfer speeds after formatting and using the flash drive with my various apps. Because of this I ended up getting another android box with 4 gb’s of RAM and 64 gb’s of memory, which works much better and costs $80 less than the Shield.

@sim_bill Curious to hear which box you got, Bill? Thank you.

I bought the A95X Max 4gb RAM 64gb internal memory box with android 8.1 OS. Absolutely love it. It has a 2.5 SATA hard drive slot for extra storage capacity up to 2 TB. You can get it off Amazon for around $90 - $100. I also bought an 80 mm usb connected cooling fan to place under the box. Helps keep it cooler.

Thanks for posting this, Bill. GearBest sent me one of these and it had all kinds of problems. I need to pull it back out and do a factory reset and try again.

Sorry to hear you had issues with it. Maybe just a bad unit. Mine works flawlessly.

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Amazon has this pegged as a recommended device with a good number of positive reviews. They don’t give this designation unless they have a strong performance rating.

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