USA TV & Radio not working

USA TV & Radio needs to update but always say error will not complete and ideas?

What version do you have? The latest version I could find was 3.0 from Jan 2020, two and a half years ago.

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I have 4.00 works great . If you use a vpn at UK. London you will get more working channels .

Got a link for that 4.0 version?

do you mean 2.3.4? I found v3 0.0 but to many hoops to jump through to get it on the Max. Google play only. Maybe Aptoide. Another app to test.

I have version 2.24 and it says it needs to get update to 2.3 any assistance on a newer version for Firestick would be great


I tried this app. Sorry but for IPTV it’s garbage. If you want a good experience with live TV and Radio stations get TiViMate premium for just around $25 US for lifetime. You can load lots of playlists and actually enjoy a full EPG and working channels.

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