USA Sports List for iptv

Fairly extensive US sports channels, not specific to any location. Works today, maybe not tomorrow :joy:. No epg at least not yet…about 256 channels, some may be duplicated and some channels only broadcast for live events. Please type exactly as seen here or better yet copy and paste.

EDit… I tried to make a short url…someone let me know if it works.

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Yep… it worked… nice work


something really strange happened. I was looking to add more channels and made some picks, looked back at my tivimate and they magically appeared without my input :eyes:

All I get is a video if a sleeping brown cat . No sports at all . Not kidding .

sorta confused how this site works,But WOW

IPTV Cat | Free iptv, m3u, m3u8 lists and servers, checked & updated daily. Tested iptv streams. VLC

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Scootr, lol…u gotta put the gateway (http://) in front of it

& Tx, that Cat list has a ton of streams but i hit a cpl buttns & not sure u can play stuff from there, but im sure youll finger it out

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Whats cool is you can go in a make your own lineup, copy and/or save it and enter it into tivimate. Lots of links for sure but you can weed out and make your own…very cool I think.

you mean https:// . That’s what you have . I did that still a cat .

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I added it to TiViMate and it said all the list was loaded and added, but it would not show up in my main playlist on the left no matter what I did. I even updated it and it said that was successful but just won’t show in my main list. That’s a first.

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For the short url it’s without the S…

where Tx said he made it shorter

Thanks @TXRon and thanks for shortening the Link! put in the https:// in front of it. Took longer to process then any other playlist I’ve tried but finally opened up with all the Channels. Assigned all my EPG’s to it and not a lot coming up in the guide but will mess with it later. Thank you!

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I got it to work . Dose it have special events channels .

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It loads in TiViMate but no way to access any channels as they don’t load and no playlist name is displayed.

Worked on 1st try for me but Miki try going to the website posted above. You can generate your own list, save it and copy it to put in tivimate. Strange how it works but it has so far for me. I wouldnt rely on it but it makes a good back up.

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I visited that site when I first installed TiViMate, too much work for me, lol. It’s cool but adding 300+ links individually is way to time consuming for me.
No Idea why the list doesn’t work in my TiViMate, I added three new lists and they all loaded and displayed the playlist Title in my playlists list, but neither the long or short URL you gave display a name for me to open the list. Oh well.

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