US Senators Push New Copyright Bill to Deter Online Piracy

Two United States Senators are pushing a new copyright bill called the SMART Copyright Act of 2022 to help deter online piracy.

This new copyright bill would require online hosting services to implement new protection measures designated by the U.S. Copyright Office.

Intresting read, but it won’t stop torrents and pirates. These people dont care about bills or laws… there will always be a way.

The way of the pirate!!

Thanks for the info


They, and the set box corps, did the same back in the late 70’s to early 80’s when we were making cards to insert into their set top boxes. They even went so far as to engage mobile units to patrol subdivisions to detect illegal signals. LMFAO!



Aha, the days i used to steal satellite signals. Im going to bwt things will be soon pushed threw encypted onion links for this stuff. To keep it off the “radar” sort of speak.


Back in the 80’s, we had a button-controlled cable box that one was able to use toothpicks to get free movies channels without paying for them. I used to make copies of music albums for friends all the time. I also used to tape shows and movies on my VCR to lend out to friends and families. No one ever complained about copyright infringement back then. Times have really changed. But I agree that they will never stop the torrents or pirates. For every site shut down, five more pop up.


I did the card programming for a while and then moved on to the “emulating” process where you had an older computer running a DOS system hooked up to your box. Got everything DirecTV had to offer, including every local station in the USA. Those were the days…