Uptobox stream authorisation

Recently when I use the crew app on kodi I’m getting a message when I click on the link to watch. It says uptobox stream authorisation and it’s spelled wrong too. Tells you to visit a web site and enter a code there giving you. What’s up with this. Been using kodi for ever and never seen this

This reminds me of the days when you had to go to “OLPair” and go thru a bunch of crap to pair up the link to your streaming device. Then they got busted. Now I use Real Debrid and don’t have those types of problems. Free links to movies and shows are getting more difficult to find and use. 3-4 dollars a month for RD is worth every penny.

I’m all good now but thanks

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Did you get your issue fixed? You marked my post as a solution but I didn’t help at all. If you have it fixed could you please post the solution for others who may have the same problem


Yes. I actually found it pretty quick. Thank you very much for asking.
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But could you please post how you fixed it so we can help others. Tx.

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