Upgrading to New Device

Hi Everyone. I am looking to upgrade from my Firestick. I’m sure there are many options and am wondering which is the best way to go. I want to have more internal storage. And if I decide to go the hardwire route, which devices should I consider? I don’t use 《Cody》but I may reconsider it in the future. I prefer something a non-genius like myself can understand. TIA. And go…

IMHO, the Nvidia Shield is the best on the market.


Thanks to Troypoint.com, I bought the KM6 and KM3 android based boxes and they are awesome.
You can still find Troy’s articles on his site with all the specs etc. for these devices as he has recommended them and so do I. But as tobasco27 just added, you can’t go wrong with the Nvidia Shield also.

I upgraded to the Skystream III Plus 4K Android TV Box two years ago. Not as high end as the Nvidia Shield (or as expensive) but it is comparable. Has plenty of internal storage and is expandable via usb port, wireless and ethernet capable, and has a great back lit remote with cursor and keyboard. I see Skystream has a newer version out as well, Skystream Pro 8K. Good luck in you search!

I agree with tobasco27. Nvidia Shield is the best of the best. There are 2 to choose from. 16GB or 500GB. The 500GB unit is really pricey. One thing that is not discussed too much is that you can purchase the 16GB version and expand the storage. There are YouTube vids on how to do this.
I have the 16GB but a 4TB expanded storage on mine. More than I need but I am into overkill. LOL.
Once it is setup correctly you can drop vids onto it through your PC as long as everything is on the same network, and watch your vids directly from the Nvidia Shield.

I have got the Nevidia shield the best one on the market I haven’t found nothing anywhere near

Thanks all for the suggestions. Nvidia Shield seems to be the ticket

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I just bought the buzz box 4900 XRS. Very simple to use lots of internal storage 128 gigs and you can expand to 1 TB. Super fast. Has its own EPG. Easy to load apps.I never used Nvidia but I had formuler Z8 past couple of years. To me this is much faster than the formuler.