Updating to Kodi 20......need to reinstall addons?

I’m currently running Kodi 19.4 on Fire Tv Stick. I’ll be updating to Kodi 20 soon and was wondering if I will need to re-install the addonns I’m currently using, or will they remain in place throughout the Kodi update?

If you’re going to update you might as well go with the latest 20.1, If you type “troypoint.com/kodistable” into downloader you shouldn’t lose anything :wink: And Welcome to this great community @SRS829


Thanks very much for the info and the greeting!

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That worked perfectly. I’m now updated to Kodi 20.1 with my addons intact!


Troy’s the man, he’s got one of those to do that for everything :rofl: He takes good care of us always making life simpler. Have a great day and glad that all worked out for you.