Updating Kodi inside a build

I have Kodi (20.1 i think) and use the Diggz Xenon build with it. Is it possible to update Kodi without erasing and reinstalling the build? Thx

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Yes, as a matter of fact, i have the same build & did the update to 20.2 using Troypoint’s Toolbox. You will not lose anything - apps or settings.

Downloader code for toolbox: 250931

Scroll down to version 20.2 & update from there.

**Before you do the above, change the skin back to Estuary. In KODI > Interface - Skin - Estuary, click OK. Also, go into Apps of your device, force close KODI & clear cache. Then do update from toolbox. After update is done, you can change skin back as you had it before.

Also, you will have to enable coco scrapers for Umbrella & FEN apps before they will work again.

Bonne chance!!

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