Updating firestick

Is there any advantage to updating firestick?
to prevent Amazon adding unwanted changes

I have no idea why everyone seems to think just because Amazon is providing regular updates that they are counter productive or intended to limit what you do. Nothing can be further from the truth. I have always used Firesticks and definately update when asked to do so. Updates improve product stability, add features and improve security. I am never bothered by this supposed Amazon effort to limit what apps I use or how I use them. Someone always finds a workaround. Think of it like this, I buy a car, happens to be a Ford, but they want me to only use genuine Ford parts. Well of course, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use other after market parts, it just means they probably won’t extend my warranty, and certainly won’t help with using or fixing that aftermarket part. Of course the on board computer, gps, and performance chip can’t be changed unless you void their warranties. Oh well.

Pretty much as mentioned above. Nothing will is preventing you from using 3rd party apps. If there is this much concern consider switching to a different device.

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