Updating Background apk

The background apk has been updated. Will you be updating it soon. Thanks in advance.

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If you’re referring to the background apps and process list, the update was mostly the addition of an invasive ad module.

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Thanks, don’t need that, thats for sure

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I got the answer as follows: the update was mostly the addition of an invasive ad module.

I got some strange writing in the background app on the screen also. Something to the effect ooops
remind us to update this app in github but later I tried to update it in the google playstore and got a error there too. It would not update on my Buzz classic this evening. This makes no sense from google, never had a problem updating it before until now.
I am migrating away from some of google too devices and use my Apple 4K more and maybe wait until Xmas to see how the newest firesticks and cube’s are doing might use my little onn box it seems to have the least problems for me. my mecool hasn’t been used very much so no opinion about it yet…
Just my thoughts nothing more…
I have noticed the past several months many ppl are having various problems with their smart tv’s with the apps preinstalled on the tv. I don’t plan on ever buying 1 myself. We have enough problems with our sticks and boxes it seems.

Thanks for the feedback. I was told to just use the apk as is because the update has adverts in ti. So I will wait until Troy has it figured out. The apk we have still worksfine.

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First of all, Miki your deciphering skills are elite as I didn’t understand the original question either lol. Second, I am confused by the OP’s question about if Troy is going to update the app. This is on the Play Store, Troy has nothing to do with updating it or anything?


Np all is good thanks. Have a good day.

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Hi, everyone!
I’m a newbie on here. I would like to add to this thread about the background apps and processes app. I am using a 1st gen 4k max that I purchased just before they ran out of stock and I had the same message that some others are getting for this app to update. I got the newer version straight from the maker from github site and it has been doing ok without any ads on my end. Just look it up by maker as it shows you the link inside the app to get the update from.
Just find the link inside the update message and then get the new update from the github site.

This app is in no way supported or made by TP.

Yes I got it thanks. This is an awesome site. Hope you like it and thanks for your response. I have been in here for 2 or 3 years now.

Yes i enjoy coming on here and checking out the new posts and loads of information to stay up to date on lots of things. I don’t usually post on sites like this unless it is something that i have complete knowledge over and have tried myself personally and then i would give my advice as i see after testing it out. So with your situation you were in luck because i had just updated it a few days before and haven’t had any issues with it. So i decided to hive you my advice and feedback on it to help clear the way for you to completely understand the update is available but not on the amazon store as of yet. Not sure why but i just went the other way to get it. Usually the message is very important to follow to get things done like the message in that update. I do actually enjoy it here and like to follow TP for all his knowledge and expertise. He is a good leader to follow for rock solid information and updates. He is usually up to date on everything. Good place to do some reading and make sure to follow him on his other sites too as he posts new updates and information about apps and more. Very intuitive and easy to understand and very informative on everything streaming and more. Good luck and hope that i shed some light in your direction for a smoother streaming future.