Update kodi/xanax

Do I delete, remove xanax before Diggs install?

Yes do a fresh start on kodi. Better yet you could delete Kodi go to Troypoint app installer and install Kodi 19 which works with Diggz builds.

Am not savvy to all this
Lucky I got right first time. So just delete kodi and use new install of kodi, reinstall downloader and all?

Sorry I didnt thank you. Wish me luck. Will do later and let you know results. THANKS

I am a total neo and I am terribly confused about the relationship between kodi and XANAX. Does one require the other? Is Xanax obsolete? I really am not as ditzy as I sound, but we are going in circles with a couple of Firestick 4Ks, trying to populate Xanax with the apps…Ow…

Thanks for any remedial help…

Xanax is a Kodi build. But it is no longer supported. A build just includes a bunch of prefigured settings and add-ons within Kodi. You can either choose to install a different build or you can just install the individual add-ons that you plan on using and configure them manually. My preference is the latter.

loading build, I am stuck on, Install from zip file?

Xanax is no longer supported. You have to download a different build or just install the add-ons you want individually.

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