Up vanish speeds

Ok , here’s another. And I’ve watched all tutorials on ip vanish set up and can’t figure it out. I have my Firestick 4k hooked up to my Samsung. Wi-Fi speed before vanish around 215. When I connect up vanish best I can get is using tcp protocol 75 mbps. On my home pc desktop I get 200 using WireGuard. Why can’t I get more on the Firestick. Also tv /Firestick is on the 5ghz connection.

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Hi @T83
One possible explanation is the two devices are connecting to two different servers.

Hello @T83 You are getting more from your PC because it has more processing power than the Firestick. Running a VPN takes CPU power and the more you have, usually, the faster download speeds you will see. This is why running a VPN on a router is so slow as most routers don’t have a powerful enough CPU. I get about the same speeds that you do with PC. But, I get 150 on Firestick with my protocol set in IPVanish as OpenVPN TCP. I would suggest testing speeds with the different protocols. Finally, 75 is plenty for 4K streaming as all you need is 20 to 30. Having 75 for streaming isn’t going to help you. I wouldn’t worry too much about having a speed of 75 unless you need that speed for another reason than streaming.


Yes like you in your video tcp is my fastest 75-77 mbps. But it freaks me out with no vpn I get almost 200, but that 75 is close to a half loss as expected. Thanx, have a great weekend. This insider was a great idea

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