Unlinked requires code

I downloaded opened unlinked, it is asking for a code.
do I enter my own password, (how many characters) or is there already one somewhere.



Store Codes

7cd6a4f1 (pin code 911911)



Got confused with Unlinked and Applinked … sorry

Hi trav… I Googled Unlinked and downloaded it… I came across 2 more codes:-
these both work and don’t need password/codes… so I have 4 up to now, with more to come…
I found that if you have 2 or more codes installed , each time you open Unlinked, it alway has the Popup “Add a new Library”… if you just want to go through one of the codes you installed… just press the down button on your remote and you drop into each different one you installed

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More codes trav
55555555 –Owner wanted to stay anonymous
56001333 (pin:12345) – The old popular Filelinked code
superapps – (pin code 911911)
These I think are better than the 4 I have especially superapps… but they are all being added to regulary


Tried those. Just provides an error


Hi if you installed RAI the correct code will show on the top of the screen, and in section Unlinked were you download it