Unlinked not working?

Hey haven’t used unlinked in a while just tried and all the codes are saying unavailable anyone have suggestions of a work around.

Got the same when I just checked Unlinked…no idea what’s wrong…workarounds: go to Troy’s RAI…you can download FileSynced or Aptoide or Aurora…or just use Downloader/APKPure. :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks I found APK time and used that to download the app I wanted

Have you given unlinked permission to download? Go to settings to give permission.

Yes it is already downloaded and has stores in it that I have used in the past….when I click on and open the app each store says “unavailable”

Read the post, you have to go to settings.

Which post tells about going into settings? I have been unable to find that info so far.

Unlinked was back up early last nite

Developer options on and give permissions.

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