Unlinked not opening keyboard

There seems to be many posts on Unlinked issues in the Troypoint Insider, but I didn’t see my problem posted. My problem is that the keyboard doesn’t open when I select “Add Library”. The app asks me to enter the code, but I don’t have a way to do it. I went to other applications and verified the other apps on my 4k Onn box work as expected. I deleted Unlinked and reinstalled it, but the issue persists. I downloaded the app from the Troypoint Toolbox both times. It could be a temporary problem with Unlinked, but I’m not sure. Any ideas?

For me the KB does not automatically open after clicking “add library”, it opens to a new “page” with “enter” and a right facing chevron and " x Cancel" under that. Now without clicking any “direction” on the navigation ring on my remote I simply now click “enter” and now the KB pops open. Give that a try.

just checked mine all working suggest you reinstall ps when it says enter code you must click again and keyboard appears

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Thanks, it’s working.

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