I download apps from Unlinked but cannot find them on my Firestick 4K Max. Where do they go?2022-02-02T05:00:00Z2022-02-02T05:00:00Z

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Hey TR…

U probly only downloaded the file… (common occurrence)

U hv 2 go back into unlinked & clik on the stuff u dwnloaded & launch to install them (its a 2 clik process)
It has to go thru the droid install screen
then u should find them in homescreen or All Apps



I went back into Unlinked but could not find the file(s) I downloaded in order to click and launch them.
Also could not find Droid as it says that app is a hardware monitoring app for discovering your hardware!

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The files won’t show up in there but the apk should still be there to download again. Just make sure you follow through and launch them to install.

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Yes T…
U hv to clik on the apps u dwnlded b4…
to finish the install process

U clik… it dwnlds… then u clik again it asks u to launch ( it begins to install)
After install, it will ask to delete FILE… u can delete it cuz u dont need the FILE anymore



Thanks for the advice. It worked like a charm. You are a credit to the Insider!


No prob T…

Glad u got it & thanx for the kind words…