Unlinked Code not working

Used unlinked earlier this morning with the 44444444 code and no issues. Now when I try to use it it says it’s unavailable. Anyone else having this problem.

Looks like the library was taken down. Maybe a temp thing to clear up defunct links or apps. Have to wait I guess.

I just tried 44444444 and 12341234 at 2 PM, all I get is " Something went wrong, try again". I guess they are down.

I hope that’s all it is

@acdean72 - You are correct it appears that code is down, not sure why.

See our list of other codes in the meantime - Best Unlinked Codes for October 2021 (Codes Added Daily)

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Same here. Keeps saying unavailable

Got up this morning and tried it. The code 44444444 is working again

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