Universal Remote for Nvidia Shield,Voice Search,Air Mouse,for Android TV Box and Media Player

I have a couple of weeks before I have to return it. So that will give me time to fool around some more with it. Or, as an alternative, I pack up the remote and the Onn remote and send it to you for professional service. :grin:

I was kinda looking forward to have the mouse option since Mouse Toggle had too many hiccups for my liking.

I know this one works with the shield. Very light weight with mouse and tiny keyboard.

I have that set to Max. Also, a little further down on that page I have both USB ports set to always on.

Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it very much!

Powerfader, My USB was set to always on and I just changed the to Max. No luck! I probably received defective POS. Since I have time before I have to return it for a refund, I will fiddle with it some more.

Ron, thank you for the suggestion of another option. I’m gonna have to wait as my better half is giving me the evil eye about the remote debacle and obsession. :grimacing:

I made an executive decision after re-reviewing the reviews on Amazon, for this remote. It seemed that there were more than several reviews that stated that the remote didn’t work at all, which were my findings. So I returned it for a replacement. And guess what? It works! “PLUG & PLAY”! Now no more grey hairs…of course my head is full of grey hairs anyway. But you know what I mean. :grin:

Thank you all for putting up with my whining.


A Success story!
I think I may get one myself.
Thanks for the details. I t helps when making a decision on something like this the customer cannot test drive first.

This remote seems to be working fairly well. But it does have a few nits that bug me. If you want to type in a search on Smarttube you have open the on-screen keyboard with the pause button. Then you use the arrow button to move to the letter or function you want, then you hit the pause button.It’s kind of a 2-hand operation. And if you hit to OK button it will try to open with whatever is already typed. I haven’t been able to type anything in Downloader with this remote. The remote doesn’t do fast-forward or rewind I<< >>I buttons. I don’t use the mouse as it didn’t seem to work well for me. The voice works well but I hardly ever use that function. The plus for me was Button Mapper worked to change the Mute button to Settings. The Mute button sits just above the Settings button and I was always hitting Mute when I wanted setting. Another small issue is that if you are moving forward or back it will be kinda slow to react and then all of a sudden it takes off going forward or back.

Overall for the price and ease of getting it to pair with my Shield Pro I would give it a thumbs up and grateful for Ron recommending this.
NOTE: it was annoying that the first one I received was defective out of the box. This did cause me quite a bit of grief since I was certain that I was doing something wrong.

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