Uninstalling an reinstalling TiVimate

My subscription to TiVimate is running out . When I resubscribe dose it automatically renew on the addon I already have installed or do I have to delete an install a new one ?

Why not just buy a lifetime sub and forget about month to month?.


What addon are you talking about. If you are meaning your m3u, extreme and epg codes. then when you renew they will stay installed.

However, I agree with Miki. Why mess around with monthly or annually? Just get the lifetime and be done with it.

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I was strapted for $$$ so I did another one year again . So after renewing my sub I don’t have to do anything else ?

??. I never even heard of it having a month-to-month. I just paid the lifetime. I gotta ask, what r u paying a month?

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Once renewed you shouldn’t have to do anything. If it doesn’t auto renew it should still work but without customization settings.

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Yep. Once you use it, you ain’t goin back.

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