Uninstalled and Reinstalled Kodi on my Firestick

After Uninstalled and Reinstalled Kodi 19.5 and then add a source. When I went to install from a zip file, I keep getting, (Couldn’t connect to network server. My Wi-Fi and network showed connected. I did a Factory reset and got the same results. What am I missing? Is something wrong with the firestick or am I missing a setting.

First of all Welcome to this great community @Maurod. What repo are you having trouble with? The repo could be down for maintenance so you could try later. Are you using a vpn? If not could be your isp blocking you. Also if using a vpn, try a different location and see if that works. Good luck :+1:

Or you misspelled it by even on letter or number. Go threw the guide and make sure its all correct.


I am using Kodi Sports 101 Build. I have it on three Firesticks. I shut my VPN off to make sure it wasn’t blocking anything. I even uninstalled it. I am using IP Vanish. No problem on the two other Firesticks.

Everything was correct.

What is the addon you’re trying to download?

Hello @Maurod 9 times out of 10 this is due to spelling repo address wrong. One wrong character and it won’t work.

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