Unable to Stream on Kodi

I have added several of the Kodi add-ons such as The Crew, Moria, Fen, Asgard, etc. However none seem to work. Every TV show I try to watch on any of them says there are no streams available. I’m using v20 of Kodi on a Nvidia shield and have a Real-Debrid account. The only add-on I have got to play is DaddyLive but it buffers constantly. Is there something I’ve done wrong or need to do to fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

Kodi isn’t going to be reliable for live Tv. Get your self an IPTV service and Tivimate. DaddyLive is probably the only one with a chance but it all depends on your internet. A vpn might also clean up your stream.


Thank you for reply. I do use a VPN always (Shark). I’m not trying to watch live tv, I’m trying to watch shows that have seasons - for example Stranger Things season 4. I don’t want to pay $80 + a month for legit IPTV and won’t use a illegal service. Any other suggestions?

Daddylive is rubbish for live TV, if you want to watch TV shows use Scrubsv2.

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What good is stremio, all it has it pay services.

You said you have a Real Debrid Account. Have you paid for a Real Debrid subscription? Is it Active? and have you Authorized it in the KODI Addons you want to use? There is absolutely no issue with KODI 20 or 20.2 and I can assure you The Crew is running flawlessly. I suggest doing a Fresh install of KODI 20.2 from Troy’s Toolbox then installing a few addons. I’ve been using The Crew and 9Lives for at least 6 months with zero issues. Make sure you also go through the Real Debrid steps I outlined as well