Unable to Play 1080 and higher 720 Links

My 50 RC6 50 Hitachi crashed landed and when I replaced it with a Samsung I am now able to play all 4k, 1080 and 720 links with no buffering, where as my Hitachi was only able to play the 720 links under 7gb…
I had previously tried to to play even the 720 links but was having a lot of problems with a whole variety of issues including the audio not syncing with the movie or the movies crashing.

Has anyone else had these issues caused by not the streaming devices or links but the Tvs themselves that might shed some light on this. I would not have found the problem had my $400 telly not got brokeded…

Doing a factory reset solves many problem with the least headaches.


I did, twice in January trying to resolve the issues. And it’s not so painless when you have to rebuild your box but I 100% understand your sentiment and would agree. The new Samsung I have is playing my 4k 53mb movies no issues. It made me believe that it wasn’t so much the devices and links as it were the ROKU Tv…One that is a waste of time and money. Navidia shield in the near future too, I think Amazon is the culprit behind a lot of our problems. Great box crappy company.