Unable to open Tivimate in Bluestacks

Unable to open Tivimate in Bluestacks. It will download ok, but when l try to click on it, l only get a black screen. I have tried to download from several differant sources, and also earlier versions with no luck. I also have downloaded Tivimate Companion, and this works fine. Any suggestions what the problem might be?

Hey @albakk35 Maybe somebody will have an answer, but I’ve never been able to get it to work in Bluestacks either…guess it just doesn’t get along with emulators…I gave up & just put XCIPTV player there as a backup to my backup.

Televizo might be a good substitute. I have this app and it isn’t bad, but not as good as Tivimate. I installed it on my phone, tablet and Nvidias. I’m not sure if it is compatible with Apple or not.

You can find the app in the PlayStore

Copy…I don’t actually need Tivi on my Bluestacks…I only have it on 3 devices so I was gonna do it because I had a couple of more to use…no biggie for me. FYI…it also didn’t work on my Windows 11 android subsystem either.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions. Maybe it’s Windows 11 that is the problem. It works fine on my other pc where l have Widows 10. So that means l will probably install one of the suggested players. Thanks again.

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I had that sub system and got rid of it today. I think it was screwing up my laptop. Not sure what is causing issue with my computer, but things started going wonky quickly since I installed the sub thingy.


Roger that…I just leave mine there…never use it, but it is turned off until I click on something. My puter hasn’t experienced any problems since I put it in…so :thinking: guess you’ll find out soon enough :crossed_fingers:

Works fine here on both 32 and 64bit windows 10. What are your video settings at?

Apk should work directly on windows 11. No emulator needed.

Operative word…“should”…but I’ve not been able to get it to open in my Win 11. Shoot…I can’t even get my Surfshark to work…but numerous other apps work fine…so ???

Does TiviMate have a contact phone number or email that I can contact them. I have a paid TiviMate account that I need to reset my username and password and my email is no longer valid due to job change and I cannot figure out how to get into my account. Appreciate any help

@rick.l.noll Tivimate Username and Password [How to Reset Account]

Maybe this would help. I’m not confident I understand the situation you’re trying to resolve.

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I would still try using the email you signed up with. I believe that it is only used as your UN and really has now connection with your email account?

You must have the windows11 bug. The whole program.

“Windows 11 bug”…didn’t know that was a thing…is there something I should know? :thinking:

Nothing that a shot of this on your keyboard can’t fix. :beetle: :beetle:


It was meant to be a joke. Meaning the whole program is a bug. lol I think!

Good news is, if it IS a bug, @Powerfader doubles as a Finger Pointer Engineer and Exterminator.

Copy that…phew :sweat: :face_with_peeking_eye: :saluting_face: I’ve held off & stayed with Win 7 Pro till just recently, when I got a new puter & took the plunge into unfamiliar territory…so I’m still a little gun shy. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I believe windows 3.1-4.0 is where I started so I’ve seen most of em…but only liked a few…95…XP & 7…so it was a giant leap for my “set in my ways” attitude to jump aboard with 10 & 11. I must say…I think I’ve gotten the hang of 11 pretty well & really don’t have a lot to complain about…yet :crossed_fingers: :eyes: thnx :cowboy_hat_face:

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It’s working fine on my W10. But can’t open it on my W11 PC…