Unable to fast forward with IPTV or VLC

I use IPTV to record sports (mainly hockey) that I’m unable to watch. I record 1 hour 15 minutes at a crack.
Most of the time I am unable to fast forward the recording. I’ve been unable to find anything that will solve the problem. Same with VLC. What am I missing?



Are you using tivimate? Has great options for this. Also vlc just player and mx do have fast foward options.

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what kind of app are you using?

Guess I wasn’t very clear was I?
I use Tivimate to record to a 256 Gb flash drive on a UGreen USB 3.0 Ethernet adapter.
I set up to record for 1 hour 15 minutes. I start the next recording 2 minutes after the first finishes. I usually have 3 recordings to get the entire hockey game.

When I view the recordings with Tivimate or VLC, I very seldom have fast forward. I’d say that 1 out of 10 times I can fast forward. I haven’t tried MX as I didn’t know I could use it that way.

I’ve checked all of the set up entries, and I don’t see anything that would prevent the fast forwaring.

Hey @puddintame In Tivimate, If you haven’t already…go into Settings/Playback…look at Skip step for time bar & Skip step for RW/FF buttons…these are the 2 ways to RW/FF recordings & both of these can be set but may have accidentally been changed to zero. Also, I don’t record much on Tivimate, but have recorded 3-4 hr sporting events in one recording several times. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Both Skip steps were set to 10. Is there a recommended setting. I have no idea what they do, nor the rest of those settings.

What do you use to record?




The 1st one/Time Bar controls the actual timeline from beginning to end…& the RW/FF one controls the left & right arrows on either side of the pause/play button. I set my time bar to 1 minute & the arrows to 10 seconds. When you’re full screen in Tivimate & watching a recording…if you do a quick press of the selection button, that takes you to the player pause/play…rw/ff arrows (pause/play button will be highlighted)…while in that mode, if you push the round navigation ring @ the 12 o’clock position it’ll give you access to the time bar (time bar will be highlighted)…where you can then press navigation ring @ 3 o’clock for FF & 9 o’clock for RW. I use that one for long or quick RWs or FFs. Hope all that made sense…

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Hey puddin…

Anothr tip is to go into…
& turn On- “use left/right for seeking”…
That way when watchin a recordng or catch-up, it will default to the seek bar with 1 push of the left or right buttns


Never seen a player with so many “redundant” ways to get somewhere…I could use Tivi for another 10 yrs & still not know all of its moves…most of the time I just stumble upon em… :roll_eyes:

You almost need to copy out and print all the Remote settings in TiViMate. No way you could ever remember them all. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Thanks for the tips. I’ll take a closer look… after we take our granddaughter to the
airport in a couple of days!

I’ve set up to record to the PC so I don’t have to use multiple recording sessions.

I also record IPTV from TiviMate 4.3.0 to my Win10 pc, using a Firestick 4k. Here are some suggestions that work for me.

  1. Map your TiviMate directory to Kodi (e.g. and use Kodi for playback. You can even add this to your Favorites. The Kodi UI allows FF/RW at 2x, 4x, etc. up to 32x. The time bar can seek 10 seconds. With a little practice, you can get good at skipping ahead, and end up where you want to go.

  2. Create a Plex library, and point it to your TiviMate folder. My Plex Media Server really handles Fast Forward the best. The skips are 30 seconds (by default? :thinking:) and are crisp and quick.

I noticed when the recorded files are very large, both examples above can sometimes get “lost” when you are late in the game and trying to FF/RW to a specific play.

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