Unable to connect

I’m trying to install Medusa. When I get to the add file source and enter http://uk1.site/Repo/, name it uk1, and click OK I get and “Unable to connect”, “Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected would you like to add it anyway?” I am certain I have a solid network connection. If I click yes anyway, it shows that I have added uk1 one as a source. When I click install from zip, file there is no zip file. Suggestions?

Hi @jackmckenzie Where are you getting the URL for Medusa? When you get that error, it always means you mistyped something. Double check your source and try again. If you are sure you are typing the correct URL, and the same error appears, try going to http://medusa1.co.uk/medusa/ and let me know if that works.

Looks like that repo is down. As Bennie said his link looks good. This guide has the full link to download the zip file if you need it.


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@Quazar Good post. Great information. Thanks!