Unable to access Plex Securely

I am fairly new to Plex and I have just come across an issue. I have Plex Server installed on my PC. Just opened Plex and have an issue about secure access, as shown in this capture

Can anyone advise me what has happened please.

Update found the problem, I had my VPN off. As soon as I switched it on, all was well.

This is common with most media servers. For instance emby will use samba 1 the most in-secure form and you must agree to its use. Recently I was testing ChannelsDVR and had a popup notice saying the connection needed was not secure. From what I gather and to stay basic these servers need read/write access t perform properly. Most systems servers/PC’s block outside access by default. So in order to use this service you must grant access.

I did look for this in the settings but could not find it, can please point where I find that on my Plex Server (PC)

I do not use plex and I would suggest you check with plex for that info. I was eluding to servers in general. I do use emby and channels and it is the same for both. Running a server will always be more intense as security breaches happen more.

Try This happened to me when Plex urged members to change their password,open the app then go to the wrench and left side remote access and claim the server it was tricky for me but resolved it… I have 2 servers on a linux seedbox and took me like half hours to set everything back

if you want your Plex server monitored to check for secure connection get this app its awesome


No good for me as it targeting Apple and use Android.

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