Unable control Firestick remotely using Vysor

Hi there,

Am struggling to get this to work on Firestick from outside my home location.

Vysor installed on Windows laptop - followed instructions and can access firestick from the laptop. Clicked on share and emailed link to myself - when I click on the link it does not connect after the initial black screen I get the following message

Connection Error

Vysor installation on Android failed. You must ENABLE “Install via USB”, ENABLE “USB Debugging (Security Settings)”, and DISABLE “Verify apps over USB” in Developer Options on your Android.

Appreciate any help please ??

Did you just click on the link, or did you actually go to “add network or shared device” and then paste the link in?

And you’ve checked all 3 of those settings on your firestick that the message gives you?

Hi, thanks for replying,

Yes have tried both clicking on the link and also pasting the link in

On Firestick I do not see the three settings which need to be changed ?

Troy’s video and tutorial state that it will just work but not for me.


Okay, so you enabled developer options already and made sure ADB debugging and Apps from unknown sources are both turned on?

Yes both ADB Debugging and Apps from a Unknown Sources are ON

Hmm, I’ll have to look into this further at another time and get back to you. I planned on doing this with my parents firestick at some point, but idk that I’d be able to walk them through it over the phone.

And did you do this?

Thanks will see if anyone else comes up with an answer

Miki - don’t seem to have that option on a Firestick

You have to activate developer options.

Sup Stoney…

In your first post u said “emailed link to myself”

Does that mean same Wi-fi network?

& if its the same laptop & firestick that was already synced together?

I saw that too. But where is the option to disable verify apps over USB after you enable that mode?

Have managed to get into the developer tools menu and switched developer options on - then entered my IP and connected to it - then hit view device which opened as usual.

Then clicked Share Device.

Copied the link it created into Connect network or shared device - it connected OK then tried it again after changing location with my vpn and now doesn’t work. Seems a bit flakey ,

Should be in the developer options once you turn on developer options with the toggle. I will have to turn it on on my 4K and see for myself.


You change locations with your vpn and your IP address changes.

I mean you no offense, but are you sure you’re using the app correctly? You have to have computer 1 on the same network as the firestick and connected to it first. Then share the link to the second computer on a different network. Both computers have to be connected at the same time. You can’t directly connect to the firestick on computer 2 without having computer 1 connected.

Thanx Jay … thats kinda where my head was at, but didnt convey very well

Thanks guys, no offence taken - looks like I have misunderstood the two videos I have watched on how to achieve this.

I am setting up a firestick here at home which is being sent to a relative in another location - I need to be able to control it remotely.

So from what you-are saying in the other location they would have to have Vysor installed and be connected to it and then send the link to me here.

Apologies for my incompetence



You are correct. Unfortunately this process isn’t as easy as we all hope it will be one day. They will have to download the app on their computer and connect to the firestick before sharing the link with you. Hopefully walking them through that process won’t be too bad. You can always send them the video to watch if it helps.

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Thanks for all your help and advice guys