UKTV PLAY on Android 10

I have purchased a new Meecool KM6 with Android 10, my problem is UKTV play app will not work, which is most annoying. Is there a workaround this problem or is there a new uktv android app likely soon?

Ok. Some more details might help. Do you actually get it installed? If you do what happens when you open it? Any warning screens? If you are outside the UK then you will need to have an active VPN using a server in the UK. Not sure what else to ask as UKTV claims to be compatible with android 5.0 and up. I’m also guessing you downloaded the official app from Google Play store.

Hi thanks for your reply. Yes I can get it installed but it does not show in the apps, but if I go into sideloader it is there, when you click on it it comes on for a second then goes back to the sideloader screen.
I used downloader app to install. I heard somewhere that there is a new Android UKTV play app on the Horizon is this right.

If you go into settings>manage installed applications and it is in the list there can you click on it and start it from your options there? If not and it briefly opens then disappears this can be caused by the wrong apk for your OS or, like me, if it’s in the official app store and you have a Cdn account and you side load say Pluto TV you can’t run it and will get a warning But I suspect you may have gotten an app for say stock Android and trying to get it to run on the Fire TV OS or vise versa. Make sure to get the apk for Mecool. .

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