UK Turks APK warning

UM Turks used to be a great kodi build and addon developer. Some months ago I came across their apk and never really used it, but I woke up to the message in the attached pic.

I’m not sure how the Shield picked up on this, but it could be a background process mining crypto.

Triy, if you catch this I’d love to see if you’re program will identify the malware if there is any.

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No security vendors flagged this file as malicious


UK-Turks-App-v1.0.6.apk That is what Virus Total will show you, and yes I get the warning also.

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Thanks, I’ll reload it.

I’ve had similar warnings on my shield about oceanstreamz and redbox tv. I just ignored them.

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we love are uk turks app, but my nvidia shields keep kicking it off i have to reload it to watch every time,but my mecool pro L works fine no issues. it seems to be on google hate list. i have a few apps that google says are bad and there not. i disabled play protect option but still disappears after a day. seems google is just a big bully any ideas for work around? thank you.

I turned off Play Protect as well as the Scan for Malicious apps feature.

I think it’s useful to have warnings that you can chose to ignore. One day, it’ll pick up a “real nasty little spud” and save your bacon!