UK football (soccer)

Could anyone please suggest the best free sports apps for UK Premier League and Championship (iFollow) coverage?
Many thanks

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I use several different things on kodi due to firestick limitations - generally SportHD, Mad Titan 2.0 or The Crew will have the game but if not or the streams are unstable I will use sportshub and screen mirror (less common games in lower divisions, e.g.). I am hoping upgrade to Shield Pro will solve some of the issues I currently have with the firestick but some of my issues may be related to the fact I live in Portugal and my VPN only has a Lisbon location for now.

Best off with a paid iptv. Free streams will have you pulling out ya hair lol.


Many thanks AMD237. Will have a look.

Thanks very much bawambi. Much appreciated.

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Thanks Anth. Could very well get back to you.

This is your ideal solution, as a lot of IPTV services will carry an excess of soccer channels, etc. I just don’t watch it, so I hide them, but this will be your most dependable route. I agree with @Anth.

Iptv service the way to go as the rest of the guys have said. tons of channels!

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Thanks for your advice AMD237. Much appreciated.

Thank you for your message and advice Throttlejockey.

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“The loop” is what I use for Championship EFL .

sportsfire stand alone app works well


Many thanks for this info’ Tico259. Can you install it on a Firestick (Max)?

Thanks for responding Pirate77. Is it possible to install it on a Firestick (Max) and how?

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Many thanks AMD237. Much appreciated. Will give it a go.

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Have seen Troy’s link. Thanks pirate77.

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Yes, I’ve spotted it and am going to try and install it now. Many thanks pirate77. Much appreciated.

“the loop” is a kodi addon.