Ugoos x3 and Ugoos x4

This post may be taken down by dracula but here goes anyways :grimacing: :ghost:

If any insider is looking for an x3 or x4 or both give me a holla :sunglasses:

I made a purchase of 1 x4 for a friend who has paid me and I will set it up when it arrives. I purchased the x3 for myself to run a little server project im working on.

Well…alie decided to double my order while I was asleep and by time I saw it and tried to stop it they said, so sorry and too late its gone and shipping stop is expensive…or whatever.
So ive got a double order on a submarine somewhere in the pacific headed my way.

Anyone interested in one or both, I will pay to ship. Contact me on cost etc. Thanks

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Firstly i didnt take your topics down… there is a current bug in 2 categories that dont have topic timers, i manly set them which causes it to appear as if i closed them instead of the system.

Thanks to those who have responded. The boxes are sold.