Ugoos 7, exercise in futility

Just got this device and have spent the last 3 hours trying to get it to work correctly. The remote is the sorriest piece of garbage I’ve ever seen,about 10 foot range with a DIRECT (read horizontal) line of sight, and yes they’re fresh batteries. Finally got my network signed in, went to prime and got that and when I went to amazon to sign in in wanted my usual info PLUS the stupid challenge. Of course, if I fill that in it wipes out the password, and vice-versa, with no option to sign in. Downloaded the phone app but the keyboard obscures the lower half and it (the phone) automatically (upon mirror screen) switches to landscape mode (auto rotate is OFF) and again obscures it. Tried pairing a bluetooth keyboard to it, couldn’t find it (yes, the keyboard works on my firesticks), tried pairing my laptop, it paired-for one minute then disconnected and won’t re-connect.
I’ve got 3 firetv’s/sticks and an nvidea pro, never had any of the problems setting up like this POS has. I think I’ll just send it back and get another nvidea. Can you rate something lower than one star?

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Wow I am waiting on a ut8 from ugoos to get here on the slow boat from China it’s on . My God I hope this is not the way these all are. I love my Nvidia shield but wanted to check these out from the good reviews from a lot of people. I got a x4plus from a friend last week that I couldn’t get to even start up that was supposed to be new in the box didn’t pay anything for it but he did so sent it back so he can get his money back. There are a few people here that have that box maybe they will chime in and give you a hand. I know there is a video on tube for setup hopefully it helps you get it done


I appreciate the review, not everyone is having the same experience from the information I saw.

However things happen. I will still wait for Troy’s review on it. People with the 6 and plus seem to be happy. Sorry this is happening.

1st really bad review ive read on the 7 although its pretty new in the android world. Ugoos are fairly good at pushing updates. My UT-8 I believe has been routed via submarine around the world twice now and is about to make customs :eyes:… at this rate my hnt miner might get here 1st :rofl:

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Not sure what to make of this but sorry to hear you are having some problems with the Ugoos 7. I have an AM6 B plus and it is flawless. There are a lot of settings options available on these Ugoos devices so you might explore these to see if you can address your issue or issues. Otherwise, I would suggest contacting customer support off the Ugoos website and see if they can help. The Ugoos remotes work ok, but not as good as the wireless mouse with dongle remotes you can buy off Amazon or other sites. I use a Rii remote with built in keyboard and it works perfectly.


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