UFO, Shado, 1970s Sci-Fi show

Comments? Clarity of picture, plot or story, comparison to other shows of that time such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica.

blakes 7

I saw the Blake 7 on the list, I’m going to check it out. This was going down memory lane. When I was 10 years old, i used watch this show along with Star Trek. When I started streaming I realized you can pull a lot off the internet that don’t exist on TV no more. 3 years ago I tried searching for this show couldn’t find it didn’t exist. Last week it came out and I started watching it. I remember when I was 10 this show didn’t have very good picture, actually the TV didn’t have very good picture, tube TV. I couldn’t believe how clear and great the picture was watching just the other day. Anyways I thought somebody would clown me about the way the actors are dressed especially the women, purple hair and silver uniforms? LOL

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I always thought UFO repeated the kill shot sequence to much…never changed it.
Battlestar did the same thing though…
Here’s a throwback to the 1970’s… “StarBlazers.”
I thought that animated show was the best until I found it again in the early 2000s.
WoW. What crud. Cool when you are 12? but awful as one ages.

No you’re right the movie the show is corny as heck but it’s something I remember when I was back in the kid, and some of the battle scenes are kind of neat.
And starship troopers, LOL. :rofl:

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UFO was good for its time, but not a patch on space 1999. Moonbase alpha this is eagle 1 can you hear me, AWSOME