Two questions, different subjects

First, anyone know of a way to remove Amazon installed apps on their Firecubes?

Second, is there a way to hit select once to go right into the full screen of a channel while surfing the guide? Currently, I have to hit select twice to do this.

No you cannot remove embedded Amazon Apps (FireTV)
Not sure with the second question what you’re asking. What “Guide” are you surfing?

Sorry, it’s the EPG.


EPG in what app? If in Tivimate then I have “preview” active. Turn that off and it auto starts in full screen.
Settings>appearance>TV Guide>Preview (on or off)


That was it, thank you!

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One more question, if you don’t mind…

Is there an easy way to exit the Tivemate app? Right now, I’m pressing “back” repeatedly to get out and with doing that, the app stays alive and doesn’t truly shut down.

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Hit your home button and it will take a second for audio to fully quit. But will take you to your home screen.


Once these programs are started they will remain running in the background. Clicking the home button on the remote will take you out of Tivimate and back to the home screen. Tivi will stop playing once the buffer is used up. To ensure the app is cleared you can use “background apps and process list.” to force close Tivi and clear cache, along with what ever other apps are running, also " Fast Task Killer" will free up your RAM for smoother playback.

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hey tad…

U can also use the Remote settings in Tivimate to designate any button u want to Exit



Great option(s). Thank you!

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While in full screen press your Select button to bring up the bottom menu and then you can scroll over to exit.

Personally, I just click the back button until I’m out. When I shutdown the TV I always first go through the Background Apps and process Lists app and force close and clear cache for all apps running,


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